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Needs Assessments and Referrals

RECE staff are available to conduct confidential intakes and offer referrals for resources, supports, and services to meet a range of JCHA resident needs including:

  • Education, Training, and Employment

  • Physical and Mental Health

  • Home Health Aides

  • Financial Literacy

  • Childcare and Youth Development

  • Domestic Violence Support

  • Family Conflict/Respite

  • Food Insecurity/Nutrition

  • Digital Literacy

  • House Keeping/Life Skills

  • Grief Counseling/Trauma Support Services

  • Transportation


Referral forms are available at site management offices or from housing assistance technicians. JCHA residents can also contact RECE directly:


Trena Hinton, Assistant Director of RECE


Phone: (201) 706-4786


RECE Brochure

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