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Digital Inclusion

JCHA began its digital inclusion work in 2018, joining HUD’s ConnectHome USA (CHUSA) initiative. This work includes identifying resources for free or reduced cost devices, partnering with other organizations to host digital literacy programming, and promoting affordable broadband.

For information about upcoming digital literacy trainings and other available resources, click here.




High-Speed, Affordable Broadband at JCHA:


Residents at the following Jersey City Housing Authority developments can contact the listed internet providers directly for fast, easy enrollment for monthly internet fully covered by the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), an internet coupon for up to $30 per month off your internet subscription. All JCHA households are eligible. Learn more at




Berry Gardens                         Andrena

Booker T Washington    

Curries Woods                         Call or text (256) 907-8690 to learn more

Marion Gardens*


Hudson Gardens                     Starry Connect

Thomas J Stewart*        

                                                Call (914) 249-9644 to learn more


* Service is expected to be available at these sites by early 2023


For more free/affordable internet options, visit If you already have internet service, contact your current internet service provider to ask about their ACP plans.


Contact Us:

Residents interested in learning more about digital literacy classes or free or reduced cost internet and devices can contact JCHA’s Digital Inclusion Coordinator directly:


Devin Monserrate


Call/Text: (201) 920-7225



JCHA’s History of Digital Equity Initiatives

JCHA joined HUD and Everyone On’s ConnectHome USA (CHUSA) initiative in 2018. CHUSA seeks to bridge the digital divide for public housing residents through various nonprofit, governmental, and private partnerships. In launching this work, JCHA conducted a resident survey in 2019 and found just a third of residents had internet access and of those residents, the majority had connectivity only through a smart phone. These results were in keeping with national data on internet and device access for public housing residents. To bridge this digital divide, JCHA has sought to address all three legs of the digital inclusion stool: internet access, devices access, and digital literacy.


As part of our ConnectHome USA programming, JCHA has:

  • Hosted two city-wide digital inclusion convenings,

  • Created computer labs across five of our developments through public-private investment,

  • Hosted dozens of digital literacy classes in partnership with local educational institutions and nonprofits,

  • Created a tablet program for disconnected seniors in partnership with T-Mobile,

  • Partnered with local technology refurbishers to provides 100s of free computers to residents,  

  • Contracted with two internet service providers to wire 6 JCHA developments for broadband and offer affordable high-speed internet to residents, and

  • As of 2022 has been awarded five separate grants for digital equity programs:

    • AARP Foundation Connected Communities grant

    • AARP 2021 and 2022 Community Challenge grants

    • Council for Large Public Housing Authorities (CLPHA) COVID-19 relief grant program

    • Digitunity/AT&T’s Connected Learning Program grant

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