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About Us

The Jersey City Housing Authority is the state’s second largest public housing authority, serving over 15,000 residents and responsible for the administration of approximately 7,100 housing units, including approximately 2,500 public housing units and over 4,600 Housing Choice Vouchers. 

The JCHA has been lauded as a champion of energy efficiency and green building practices, policies promoting Section 3 hiring, and an impeccable track record of revitalizing distressed public housing. In addition, for the last three consecutive years after implementing several reforms to ensure the success of its Section 8 program, the JCHA notched the highest HUD SEMAP performance scores in the agency’s history and in two of those years, the highest score in the state among similarly-sized municipal public housing authorities. 

Our Vision

We envision residents and staff who are engaged, educated, and empowered to create sustainable vibrant communities.

Our Mission

Creating and investing in quality affordable housing opportunities for our residents and communities we serve.

In defining who we are and how we do business, we operate by the phrase “OneJCHA”: Objective, Neighborly, Efficient, Joint Partners, Committed, High Performing, Accountable.



We are fair‐minded and even‐handed. The lens through which we view residents, internal staff, external stakeholders, and other public housing authorities is unbiased and without prejudice. Our thoughts and actions are informed by reason over emotion, swayed by pragmatism rather than political ideology, and driven solely by our vision for the communities we serve.



We are collaborative, friendly, and supportive to those in and outside our community. We strive to deliver services with a focus on customer service and experience, while ensuring effective operations at all levels of JCHA.



We are dedicated to fostering a culture that is productive, action‐oriented, and results‐driven. JCHA will continue to invest in its workforce to ensure it is equipped with the vital skills, resources, and support needed to operate efficiently and deliver effectively.


Joint Partners

We are dynamic, innovative, and forward‐looking, aiming to acquire new ideas and resources by expanding and better utilizing our growing network of partnerships with residents, community leaders, businesses, philanthropic organizations, and local government officials.



We are committed in all action to prioritizing our residents, internal staff, and external stakeholders through programs, services, and partnerships. We create and invest in sustainable and vibrant communities where the people of Jersey City have easy access to affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, health and wellness programs, educational initiatives, and employment opportunities.


High Performing

We are dedicated to becoming a HUD High Performer agency. On the road to attaining this status, we aim to innovate and define new best practices for others to follow while continuing to prioritize serving and supporting our community.



We report directly to the residents and participants of JCHA programs, whose needs lay at the forefront of our work. We operate without impunity, always holding ourselves accountable, through both word and deed, to our community partners, and residents served

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