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Housing Choice Voucher Program

Formerly known as Section 8

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) is designed to assist eligible low-income families and individuals pay rent in the private market and move towards economic self-sufficiency.

Click here for general information about the Housing Choice Voucher Program from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Jersey City Housing Authority's HCVP Program Application List is currently closed.

Program Overview

The JCHA currently assists 4621 families, senior citizens and persons with disabilities under the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Section 8 Rental Assistance Program (Housing Choice Vouchers). This Program provides financial assistance to eligible households who rent apartments in the private rental housing market (i.e. the subsidy is tenant-based and moves with the family). The rent subsidy amount (provided directly to the property owner) in Housing Choice Voucher Programs is based on the difference between the tenant rent portion calculated at 30% of their monthly adjusted income and the actual reasonable rent in the Housing Choice Voucher Program and Payment Standards are as follows:

Bed Size      FMR FY2019      PS FY2019

Efficiency         $1,178              $1,295

1 Bedroom       $1322               $1,454

2 Bedroom       $1,573              $1,730

3 Bedroom       $1,971              $2,168

4 Bedroom       $2,126               $2,338

5 Bedroom       $2,444               $2,688

6 Bedroom       $2,763               $3,039

The JCHA currently has an allocation of over 4,621 Housing Choice Vouchers as follows:

  • 3013 General Program

  • 170 Family Unification Program (FUP)

  • 300 Non-Elderly Persons with Disabilities Program (NEDP)

  • 70 Veteran's Affair Supported Housing (VASH)

  • 136 Enhanced Vouchers

  • 544 Project Based Vouchers

  • 250 Mainstream Housing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Program

  • 100 MOD Rehab Single Room Occupancy (SRO) for Homeless Individuals Program in

  • Cooperation with the YMCA (Bergenview)

  • 38 Shelter+Care Program

Project Based Assistance

The JCHA has been successful in utilizing an option in the Section 8 Program for Project-Based Assistance (i.e. rental assistance is tied to the unit) to expand affordable housing at Mid-City Apartments and Resurrection House, Seed Corp., Ocean Point Senior Housing, JP affordable Housing, 782-784 Ocean LLC., Stegman apartments, St. Mary's, Pennrose Properties, LLC; Fred Martin Apartments and Emory Holdign's, LLC. Recently, HUD issued new regulations to make PBA more flexible and workable.

Portability Option

The portability option allows Section 8 applicants and participants to use their Section 8 Vouchers outside of Jersey City (i.e. anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands where there is a PHA that can administer the Voucher).

For JCHA's Section 8 participants, this option is very limited, representing less than 11% of the Program; specifically, 179 Voucher holders lease outside of Jersey City.

For more information or if interested please contact Section 8 Office via Email:

via Phone: (201)706-4677/4678

You can also find more information at: HUD: Office of Housing Choice Vouchers

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